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Extraordinary Demos started full time as "Extraordinary Demo Diskettes" in 1990. Back then our multimedia presentations were on floppy diskettes, and they only used ASCI (text) characters to show mid-range, mainframe, and PC software simulations.

As hardware technology advanced to include music, voice, graphics, photos, and finally VIDEO, we kept pace. Today our sales and training presentations include high quality, professionally made videos, voice over narrations, still photography, graphics, and animations. We create extraordinary presentations for CD-ROMs, DVDs, and the world-wide web (Internet). Most importantly, we produce high quality presentations - within your budget.

Contact us for a no cost consultation to bring your next training or sales presentation to the next level. With our professional equipment, we would love to videotape your next trade show, commercial, training piece, wedding, or special event.



2131 Yellowstar Lane
Naperville, IL 60564-5330
630 904 3636
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